Hotel Management Services

We provide a wide range of value added services to hotel owners covering every aspect of the hotel business, all of which can contribute to improving performance.

This can include the entire management of the hotel, including all areas/activities, or can be broken down into segments/activities per hotel owner/investor's requirements as follows:

  • Overseeing New Build and Upgrades;
  • Hotel management and operations;
  • Managing Brands and Brand standards;
  • Driving sales and marketing activities;
  • Establishing operating procedures;
  • Ensuring the regulatory environment;
  • Managing pay roll, cash management and reporting;
  • Recruiting ,training and retaining staff;
  • Cost analysis;
  • Market Comparison;
  • Purchasing and control systems.

Our team delivers operational excellence and Brand excellence, and our competitive fee structure means that we offer excellent value to professional hotel investors.

Apart from hotels we manage a Pub and Service apartments, also listed below:

  1. Customhouse Pub
  2. Dockside apartments (63 service apartments )
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